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Where do I get a barcode number from?


The barcode council of Canada:

How do I know my current label size?


1. The width of the label (in diagram: 3")

2. The length of the label (in diagram: 1")


3. The core opening size (in diagram: 3")


4. The outside diameter (in diagram: 8")





Example: " I need a quote on a 3x1 label, 3 inch core, 8 inch 









How do I know whether I am using thermal direct or thermal transfer stock?


One has a ribbon (thermal transfer) and one does not (thermal direct).


What label generating software do you recommend?


Labelview by Techlynx, simply for the customer service.

Do I get a volume discount on an annual blanket order?


Yes of course, we offer discounts on large repeat business, as well as referral business- so tell your friends!



What are my color options?


Any pantone color is available! See below.






























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