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Meet Paul and the rest of the family

 Watson Printer Labels



Paul, what is Watson Printer Labels?


Watson Printer Labels is the embodiment of my 25 years experience in the barcode label manufacture business. Through the company I provide people with a one-stop shop for all their barcode label needs and requirements. Anything from regulatory compliance advice, to software questions, service advice, and of course actual barcode labels! My goal is to provide peace of mind to anyone who needs to track their product through a label system.


Excellent, why did you open Watson Printer Labels?

To return the industry service back to the times that drew me into the field over twenty years ago. Today's companies have became so large that they have segmented the entire process to seperate employees- the result is that the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing; for example, the sales person doesn't have the right product knowledge, and the customer service representative you speak to can only connect you with one specialist to answer your question. Peoples time, money and energy is being wasted in researching their concerns through many departments. As the salesmen, servicemen, customer service representative, and more in one: I provide people with solutions immediately.


Fantastic! How does Watson Printer Labels operate?

Watson Printer Labels is a family run business, I would be lying if I said I did it alone! With the backing of other family members that have industrial experience in specialized company operations, Watson Printer Labels accomplishes each output together, sharing the goal and victory of superior customer satisfaction.  


 Interesting, where is Watson Printer Labels?

We are located in Peterborough, Ontario and offer our services across the nation of Canada. Our warehouse is located in the industrial district.  


Okay, when can people get in touch with you?

The best way to reach me is by phone calls between 7AM and 7PM Eastern Standard Time. Alternatively, I will respond to any emails within 24 hours. 


Lastly, who is Paul Watson?

I am a simple guy! I did not have a lot growing up and really came to respect other people and values more than money and profits. My word is my word and a promise is a promise, I am not  the type to let anybody down. Coming from the less fortunate, I find myself always rooting for the little guy and wanting to help. Growing up I wanted to be either a Toronto Maple Leaf or in business for myself. So today I am fairly happy rooting for the underdog in the room while watching hockey at night, and providing high-value services to my customers. No doubt the barcode label industry has grown to be a very large and confusing arena, and that is great because I see myself as a guide helping people navigate all the options. 





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